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Meet-up (1·1)

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2008-07-07 16:00
2008-07-07 20:59
2008 m. liepos 7 d. yra pirmas mėnesio pirmadienis, todėl meet'as bus Katedros a., siūlau 16 val. Kas norės, šventinį savaitgalį galės važiuoti su WOFT, su dviratininkais ir dar čia Wink Achtung, Achtung - N-14:
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Niekaip :'(

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Nuo 16? Ne nuo 18? Gerai, atvarysim nuo 16, iskart po darbo ir ilsietis Smile

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7 d.

O tu dirbi? 7 dieną? Vargšas. Grin

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Kazkaip tap :(

Na tikrai dirbu...

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Turbut busiu , jau LABAI seniai nevazinejau Tongue

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nepisk proto

for WOFT

Tikrai būsiu ir pažiūrėsim kas dar bus Smile

WOFT - If you do not have other plans we offer to join as in the Cathedral in Mondey.
Please read event details for more info. We`ll wait for you Smile

[Vienratininkų garbės konsulas Palangoje]

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nera edit mygtuko kazkodel..

bet tai ne esme, faktas - NEBUSIU.


Gal kas norit susitikt ir pavažinėt? Nuobodžiauju Smile

[Vienratininkų garbės konsulas Palangoje]


Ok, susirenku šmutkes ir važiuoju... Būsim vėl tik keli...

[Vienratininkų garbės konsulas Palangoje]

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Kas cia db ?!?!?!?

Pas mus yra is jaunesniu nei N-14 ! ;DD

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Thanks guys!

Hi guys

It was great meeting all of you the other day. I hope I didn't mess up any plans that you may have had for the meet or the rest of the day. It was really nice to see so many riders together, of so many ages. It was great chatting, and seeing all the unicycles you ride:)

I leave Vilnius tomorrow. I would have loved to spend more time with you all. Hopefully, we can meet again in the future.

I have some photos that Marijke took, which I will put in the gallery when I get home in about 10 days.

Take care,

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Johnny and Marijke,

It was great meeting both of you. Next time please don't even think about coming without a fire juggling equipment and a cello or another string. There must be a performance, preferably on a unicycle.

Hope you'll enjoy St. Petersburg and have a safe trip back home.

Hasta la vista!

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P.S. For those who did not come to the meet, this is NOT Marijke on the photo above Wink

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I think in that photo is a very beautiful, sexy and big unicycle. Grin When will we see something like that in Vilnius? Ha Ha Ha.

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Different photos

Haha! Marijkes hair is brown and curly, not purple:P I hear that Yoggi from Koxx-1 s happy to ride naked, but I don't want to see that!

I have put the photos of the meet that Marijke took in my gallery. Take a look:


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