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Neither Bike Nor Trike

Travelling to Vilnius

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Hello everybody.

I hope that people will be able to read this post in English. I cannot speak Lietuvių Kalba - Atsiprašau!

I am From Cape Town in South Africa, and I'm travelling to Riga, Vilnius and St Petersburg on holiday with my girlfriend, Marijke. I was hoping to meet up with some unicyclists in or around those cities.

I ride mainly Muni and trials, and I ride Qu-ax. We have a very small "club" called Ama-One-Tya (, with the main focus beeing singletrack muni.

I would love to do some muni in or near Vilnius as I really enjoy the outdoors. Any type of riding will be nice though, especially if it is in interesting parts of the city:)

Unfortunately, I won't be able to bring a uni with me, as I am limited by luggage weight:(

We plan on staying in Vilnius for about a week, from 7-12July (I haven't confirmed this yet). We want to spend some days in the city, exploring and visiting the main sites and museums, and then take some daytrips to interesting towns nearby.

If anybody has any suggestions on cheap places to stay, and places to visit (maybe things that won't be in the guidebooks), please let me know. I think that the best guides to a city are the people who live there:) We are students, so the cheaper the better!

We are really excited to visit Vilnius. It looks and sounds exciting and beautiful. I hope to meet up with some of you there.

Many thanks/ačiū for your help,

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Emm i think we could do a meet or smth like that, and someone could lend you a unicycle (even i could do it, but its cranks are bend a little bit, so not very good shape). about staying somewhere cheep have you thought about couchsurfing or hospitality club? In Vilnius there is a big and active couchsurfing comunity, so try them

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Hi Johnny , i have a qu-ax pro '20' with 'odisey' pedals(but it's bad choise if u wana trial or muni), but I can give u for few days . We usualy riding in the city soo we can show u some places to visit and explore. U have a nice club website Wink

I saw your ablum photos of club and now i'm VERY jealaus what weather , climat and goods u have !!! Tongue

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sharchanas: Thank you, It

sharchanas: Thank you, It would be great to borrow a uni, bent cranks and all. I would be worried to do trials on it, but i'll take what I can get. I like the idea of couchsurfing type community, but my girlfriend is very wary, and doesn't want to do it. If I was travelling alone, I would probably do that. But then again, I would rather not travel alone:)

BedanciuS: I am very jelous that you have snow in winter:P But yes, in Cape Town we have wonderful weather, a mountain in the middle of the city, and the ocean too! I consider myself luck:) I think riding around Vilnius will be a good way to explore the city. Oh, and I'm glad you like our website. There are only 5 club "members", but we are growing slowly.

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its much more secure to use CS than a hostel or similar things. i also had some problems explaining it to my gf, but now she believes me Smile so this summer i plan to use CS while traveling in Norway Smile

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Hi. I'd like to meet you. I have only one muni, so I couldn't lend you one, but I could ride with you. Ok then, we will organise something good for you, but please report us, if anything changes. Nose Smile Good luck!

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Change of dates

Hi all.

Looks like we will in Vilnius from 6 - 12 July now. Until we book and pay for our accomodation, it isn't certain. By the way, is Bernardinu Street a nice area to stay? We would like to be able to walk around from where we stay, instead of catching trains and buses into town.

Predo, how far away are some nice places to Muni?

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yep you can easilly access all interesting things from bernardinu street. about muni, emm in Vilnius there are some spots, but dont expect anything massive. everything is small. you can go to and watch photos to see what to expect

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The street is in the very heart of the old town. Will be able to go on foot to all places of interest if you stay there. We may chose a muni track nearby or take a drive to a more distant place, too.

Seems you're picking up Lithuanian pretty quickly Wink

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I live a few kms from Vilnius centre and there is a big forest near my house but, in my opinion, it would be a little bit boring and uncomfortable for you. Although we have a president of the club - Gib, who knows a lot of routes, objects and etc. We have visited an interesting place which is called the Pučkorių atodanga. You'd like it.

It is high (~63 metres), the view from it's top is fascinating, but we would have to ride a long distance to reach it. On the other hand, we could watch it from a place near the one of most beautiful restaurants in Vilnius - Belmontas - and the distance would be not so long.

We should ask Gib about the route which we have ridden to the Pučkorių atodanga and decide what else you'd like to see too.

Good luck! Grin

[I'm sorry for my mistakes.]

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Some Questions

Haha! I thank google for all my foreign language vocabulary:)

Predo: Pučkorių atodanga looks beautiful! the countryside is stunning, and I can see why the guidebook that I have raves about it. I'm not looking for the hardest and toughest muni trails. They will be fun, but I would just like to have a ride, of any level of difficulty, to see the country and meet some people. Even if it is just a ride along a beautiful beach, I will be happy:) Anyway, I saw some photos of paulnis(??) doing some side hops of over 90cm!!! I am nowhere near that level!

I have a few questions. I hope I can ask them here. If there is a better place on the website to ask, or if I should rather PM somebody, please tell me.

1) I have been looking at some places to stay. Which are nice areas, near the old town: Bernardinu st (Gib and sharchanas already mentioned this. Thank you), Zirmunu st, gelezinio vilko st or panevezio st?

2) I have been trying to see how much a train ticket to St Petersberg in Russia, from Vilnius will cost. I have been looking on It says I must take train number 80 or 392, but it does not give any prices. Does anybody know more or less how much a standared ticket will cost? and are there any other rail companies that operate this route?

Many many thanks!

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1) I think , Bernardino street is the best place. Smile

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Some info

Hi Johnny, how r u? I have info abuot tickets prices up to Petersburg. 392 is little bit cheaper. Tickets will cost approximately from 130 up to 230 lits, 38-67 euros, 53-94 US dollars. The prices can vary but is not very.

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Train and street

Thanks so much for finding out about the train, and advising on Bernardino st. Very very helpful, and exciting:)

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Final accomodation choice...

Hi guys.

Sorry to pester you again about accomodation! there are 2 guest houses in Bernardino st: Bernardino st B&B House ( and then Litinterp ( Litinterp is a little bit cheaper, so is my first choice. Does anybody know of these place, and if they are good or bad choices?

Many thanks!

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From foto's i think B&B house ir beter , but i didn't saw those hotels in real. Smile

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The cheaper the better. Grin I think so. Unfortunately, I can't suggest you anything because I have never been there.

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just an opinion

my friend once stayed at the B&B house. he said it was nice, but nothing special, really. so it's up to you, but yeah, i guess you might as well take the cheap shot Wink


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Final dates, and hotel confirmed:)

Woohoo! I've booked to stay at Litinterp. It is cheaper, and I read some nice reviews about it. So, the final dates have been confirmed!

Marijke and I will arrive in Vilnius on Friday 4 july, and leave on Friday 11 July. A full week:)

So, is there any chance of a meetup somewhere in that week? I guess it's way too early to say.

Thanks to everybody who has offered advice and said hello. I'm looking forward to meeting up with you guys!


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Meetup in July

Litinterp is a great location. It's a couple minute's walk from our usual meeting place at the Cathedral Square. We will surely meet during your stay in Vilnius. In June we will set up an event on our calendar for Unikers not to miss. Then we will also decide where to go. Looking forward to meeting both of you.