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Neither Bike Nor Trike

Standard Skill Scores

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Abbreviations Used In This List

  • fwd = forward
  • bwd = backward
  • c = circle
  • 8 = figure eight
  • ext = extended
  • frh = freehanded
  • 1ft = one-foot
  • ww = wheel walk

Riding Skills

1.a) riding1.0
b) riding - c1.2
c) riding - 8 1.5
2.a) riding bwd 3.0
b) riding bwd - c 3.4
c) riding bwd - 83.8
3.a) seat in front, seat against body 2.0
b) seat in front2.3
c) seat in front - c2.5
d) seat in front - 8 2.7
e) seat in front frh 3.1
f) seat in front frh - c 3.3
g) seat in front frh - 8 3.6
4.a) seat in front bwd, against body3.5
b) seat in front bwd3.7
c) seat in front bwd - c 3.9
d) seat in front bwd - 84.1
e) seat in front bwd frh3.9
f) seat in front bwd frh - c4.1
5.a) seat in back, seat against body2.3
b) seat in back 2.5
c) seat in back - c 2.7
d) seat in back - 83.0
6.a) seat in back bwd, against body 3.5
b) seat in back bwd3.9
c) seat in back bwd - c4.2
d) seat in back bwd - 8 4.5
7.a) seat on side, against body3.0
b) seat on side, against body - c2.8
c) seat on side3.7
d) seat on side - c 3.5
8.a) seat on side bwd, against body 3.8
b) seat on side bwd 4.1
c) seat on side bwd - c 4.3
9.a) stomach on seat, 1 hand on seat 2.0
b) stomach on seat2.1
c) stomach on seat - c2.3
d) stomach on seat - 82.6
10.a) stomach on seat bwd 3.8
b) stomach on seat bwd - c 4.0
c) stomach on seat bwd - 8 4.3
11.a) chin on seat, 1 hand on seat 3.8
b) chin on seat 4.0
c) chin on seat - c 4.1
d) chin on seat - 8 4.4
12.a) chin on seat bwd, 1 hand on seat4.7
b) chin on seat bwd4.9
c) chin on seat bwd - c5.1
d) chin on seat bwd - 8 5.4
13.a) 1 foot3.0
b) 1ft - c3.2
c) 1ft - 8 3.6
d) 1ft ext3.2
e) 1ft ext - c3.4
f) 1ft ext - 83.7
g) 1ft crossed3.4
h) 1ft crossed - c3.6
i) 1ft crossed - 83.9
14.a) 1ft bwd4.1
b) 1ft bwd - c 4.3
c) 1ft bwd - 84.6
d) 1ft ext bwd 4.3
e) 1ft ext bwd - c 4.5
f) 1ft ext bwd - 8 4.8
15.a) 1ft seat in front, against body 3.8
b) 1ft seat in front4.5
c) 1ft seat in front - c4.7
d) 1ft seat in front - 8 5.0
e) 1ft ext, seat in fr against body4.0
f) 1ft ext, seat in fr against body - c4.2
16.a) 1ft seat in front against body bwd4.7
b) 1ft seat in front bwd5.1
c) 1ft seat in front bwd - c 5.3
17.a) seat on side, 1ft, against body3.8
b) seat on side, 1ft 4.6
c) seat on side, 1ft - c 4.2
d) seat on side, 1ft - 84.9
18.a) seat on side, 1ft bwd, against body 4.4
b) seat on side, 1ft bwd 4.8
c) seat on side, 1ft bwd - c 5.0
19.a) side saddle, hand touching seat3.5
b) side saddle, hand touching seat - c3.3
c) side saddle frh3.9
d) side saddle frh - c 3.7
e) side saddle frh - 84.2
20.a) wheel walk 3.5
b) ww - c 3.7
c) ww - 8 4.0
21.a) ww bwd4.2
b) ww bwd - c4.4
22.a) ww frame between feet 4.0
b) ww frame between feet - c 4.2
23.a) ww frame between feet bwd4.3
b) ww frame between feet bwd - c4.5
24.a) ww bwd, feet behind frame4.8
b) ww bwd, feet behind frame - c5.0
25.a) spoke walk bwd4.8
b) spoke walk bwd - c 5.0
26.a) ww 1ft 3.7
b) ww 1ft - c 3.9
c) ww 1ft - 8 4.2
d) ww 1ft ext 4.1
e) ww 1ft ext - c 4.3
f) ww 1ft ext - 8 4.6
27.a) ww bwd 1ft5.4
b) ww bwd 1ft - c5.6
c) ww bwd 1ft ext5.8
d) ww bwd 1ft ext - c6.0
28.a) koosh koosh 3.9
b) koosh koosh - c 4.1
c) ww bwd 1ft behind frame5.0
d) ww bwd 1ft behind frame - c5.2
29.a) gliding 4.0
b) gliding - c 4.2
c) gliding, leg ext 4.2
d) gliding, leg ext - c4.4
30.a) gliding bwd foot behind frame5.5
b) gliding bwd foot behind frame - c 5.9
31.a) hand wheel walk 4.3
b) hand wheel walk - c 4.5
c) hand wheel walk feet out 5.0
d) hand wheel walk feet out - c 5.2
32.a) one hand wheel walk 4.7
b) one hand wheel walk - c 4.9
c) one hand wheel walk feet out 5.4
d) one hand wheel walk feet out - c 5.6
33.a) hand ww, stomach on seat4.3
b) hand ww, stomach on seat - c4.5
34.a) one hand ww, stomach on seat4.7
b) one hand ww, stomach on seat - c4.9
35.a) drag seat in front3.9
b) drag seat in front - c 4.1
c) drag seat in front - 8 4.4
36.a) drag seat in back 4.0
b) drag seat in back - c 4.2
c) drag seat in back - 84.5
37.a) drag seat in front bwd6.4
b) drag seat in front bwd - c 6.6
c) drag seat in front bwd - 86.9
38.a) side ride 5.2
b) side ride - c 5.0
c) side ride - 85.6
d) side ride, one hand 5.6
e) side ride, one hand - c 5.4
f) side ride, one hand - 85.9
39.a) coasting, leg ext5.5
b) coasting, leg ext - c5.9
c) coasting, leg ext - 8 6.4
40.a) coasting, foot in 5.5
b) coasting, foot in - c 5.9
c) coasting, foot in - 8 6.4
41.a) coasting backward, leg ext 6.6
b) coasting backward, leg ext - c 6.7
c) coasting backward, leg ext - 87.0
42.a) coasting backward, foot in6.5
b) coasting backward, foot in - c6.8
c) coasting backward, foot in - 8 7.1
43.a) sideways ww5.4
b) sideways ww - c5.6
44.a) sideways ww, 1ft5.6
b) sideways ww, 1ft - c5.8
c) sideways ww, 1ft on seat5.8
45.a) cross over4.7
b) cross over - c 4.5
c) cross over - 85.0
46.a) stand up ww 1ft 5.0
b) stand up ww 1ft - c 5.2
47.a) stand up glide 5.7
b) stand up glide - c 5.9
48.a) stand up coast 6.7
b) stand up coast - c 6.9
c) stand up coast - 87.2

Stationary Skills

100.a) idling 2.2
b) idling 1ft 2.4
c) idling 1ft ext 2.5
d) idling 1ft crossed 2.5
101.a) idling seat in front, against body2.7
b) idling seat in front 2.9
c) idling 1ft seat in fr, against bdy3.2
d) idling 1ft seat in front 3.5
e) idling 1ft seat in fr ext, agnst bdy3.5
f) idling seat in back, against body 3.0
g) idling seat in back3.2
102.a) idling seat on side, touching body 2.8
b) idling seat on side3.1
103.a) crank idle, seat against body3.5
b) crank idle freehand, against body 3.6
c) crank idle 4.0
104.a) stillstand 3.8
105.a) twisting 2.8
106.a) touch the floor2.5
b) touch the floor with both hands 3.5
107.a) touch the floor, seat in front3.2
108.a) bounce seat3.4
109.a) touch seat on floor3.8
110.a) hopping2.4
b) hopping frh2.6
111.a) hopping seat in front, against bdy2.8
b) hopping seat in front 3.0
c) hopping seat in back, against bdy 3.2
d) hopping seat in back3.4
112.a) hoptwisting3.3
113.a) hoptwist 90° 2.7
b) hoptwist 180° 3.2
c) hoptwist 360° 4.5
d) hoptwist freehand 90°3.0
e) hoptwist frh 180°3.5
f) hoptwist frh 360°5.0
114.a) riding hoptwist 1803.4
b) riding hoptwist 3604.5
c) riding hoptwist freehand 180 4.0
d) riding hoptwist freehand 360 5.0
115.a) hop over2.9
b) sideways hop over2.8
c) hop over, seat in front3.7
d) sideways hop over, seat in front 3.8
116.a) side hopping 4.0
b) side hopping, foot touching tire3.5
117.a) hopping on wheel 3.0
118.a) hoptwist on wheel 90°3.3
b) hoptwist on wheel 180°3.6
119.a) hopping on wheel frh 4.2
120.a) hoptwist on wheel frh 90° 4.5
b) hoptwist on wheel frh 180° 4.8
121.a) riding spin 3.3
122.a) bwd riding spin3.7
123.a) spin 3.5
b) spin 1ft 3.7
c) spin 1ft ext 3.9
124.a) backward spin4.0
b) backward spin 1 ft 4.3
c) backward spin 1 ft ext4.7
125.a) spin seat in front, against body3.7
b) spin seat in front 3.9
126.a) spin seat in back, against body 3.8
b) spin seat in back4.1
127.a) spin seat on side, against body 3.6
b) spin seat on side 4.0
128.a) pirouette 4.0
129.a) backward pirouette 4.5
130.a) pirouette seat in front, against bdy 4.1
b) pirouette seat in front4.4
131.a) pirouette seat in back, against bdy4.2
b) pirouette seat in back 4.5


150.a) riding to seat in front1.5
151.a) seat in front to riding1.7
152.a) riding to seat in back 1.6
153.a) seat in back to riding 1.9
154.a) ww to pedals3.2
b) ww to riding 1ft 3.4
c) gliding to pedals 3.5
d) gliding to riding 1ft 3.7
155.a) leg around 3.4
b) leg around twice 4.2
156.a) leg around reverse 3.5
b) leg around twice reverse 4.4
157.a) backspin 2.7
158.a) front spin3.3
159.a) pick up seat in front 4.0
b) pick up seat in front with toe4.7
c) pick up seat in front free foot4.4
160.a) pick up seat in back4.2
b) pick up seat in back with heel4.2
c) pick up seat in back free foot 5.0
161.a) pedals to hopping on wheel3.1
b) pedals 270° to hopping on wheel 4.2
c) pedals 450° to hopping on wheel 5.8
d) pedals to sideways ww3.4
e) pedals 270° to sideways ww4.7
f) pedals 450° to sideways ww6.0
162.a) hopping on wheel to pedals3.7
b) hopping on wheel 270° to pedals 4.4
c) hopping on wheel 450° to pedals 6.0
d) sideways ww to pedals 3.3
e) sideways ww 270° to pedals6.0
163.a) pedals to hopping on wheel frh3.7
164.a) hopping on wheel frh to pedals4.2
165.a) seat in front to side ride 5.1
166.a) side ride to seat in front 5.3
167.a) side ride to hopping on wheel5.5
b) side ride to sideways ww5.8
168.a) step around5.0
b) inverse5.2
169.a) 180° uni spin4.6
b) 360° uni spin5.3
c) 540° uni spin6.0
d) 720° uni spin7.0
e) 180° uni spin to seat in front4.6
f) 360° uni spin to seat in front5.6
g) 540° uni spin to seat in front6.6
h) 180° uni spin to idling 1ft 4.8
i) 360° uni spin to idling 1ft 5.5
j) 540° uni spin to idling 1ft 6.2
k) 180° uni spin to idling 1ft seat in fr4.9
l) 360° uni spin to idling 1ft seat in fr5.7
170.a) 180° uni spin to ww4.9
b) 360° uni spin to ww5.6
c) 180° uni spin to ww 1ft5.1
d) 360° uni spin to ww 1ft5.8
171.a) 180° uni spin to hopping on whl frh 5.5
b) 360° uni spin to hopping on whl frh 6.2
172.a) 180° uni spin on wheel 4.4
b) 360° uni spin on wheel 5.1


200.a) mount1.3
b) mount to idle 1.5
c) mount to 1ft idle2.0
d) mount to 1 ft ext idle 2.5
201.a) rolling mount1.8
b) rolling mount to 1ft2.5
c) rolling mount to 1ft ext 2.7
d) rolling mount to gliding3.4
e) rolling mount to coasting4.0
202.a) back mount1.9
b) back mount to idle 2.1
c) back mount to 1ft idle 2.6
d) back mount to 1ft idle ext 3.1
203.a) side mount1.8
b) side mount leg around3.4
c) side mount leg around twice4.9
d) floor mount 2.5
e) floor mount leg around 4.1
204.a) side mount reverse1.8
b) side mount reverse leg around3.4
c) side mount rev leg around twice4.9
d) floor mount reverse 2.5
e) floor mount reverse leg around 4.1
205.a) jump mount 2.2
b) free jump mount 2.7
c) jump mount to seat in front2.5
d) jump mount to seat in back 2.7
e) jump mount to ww 2.9
f) jump mount from on wheel2.9
g) 180° uni spin jump mount2.6
h) 360° uni spin jump mount2.7
i) turn around jump mount 3.0
206.a) side jump mount 2.5
b) free side jump mount3.0
c) side jump mount to ww3.2
d) side jump mount to ww 1 ft3.4
e) side jump mount to ww 1 ft ext 3.6
f) 180 uni spin side jump mount3.8
g) 360 uni spin side jump mount5.2
207.a) spin mount 360° 2.4
b) spin mount 720° 3.4
208.a) kick up mount, 1 hand on seat 2.8
b) kick up mount 3.0
c) kick up mount to ww3.2
d) kick up mount to ww 1ft 3.4
e) kick up mount to ww 1ft ext 3.6
209.a) pick up mount 3.2
210.a) swing up mount 3.4
211.a) push up mount3.8